Uber Brings Mad Max's Post-Apocalyptic Jeeps And Muscle Cars To The Streets Of Seattle

If you watched Mad Max: Fury Road and thought "Wouldn't it be cool to bust around town in a post-apocalyptic ride?" then you needed to have been in Seattle this last weekend.

As part of a promotion for the recently released Mad Max video game, Uber were offering people rides where the PAX gaming convention was taking place in some of the vehicles from the movie.

So you could don your best dystopian cyber punk warrior outfit and cruise around the Wasteland of Seattle like it was the end of days. And, as an even bigger blow to those of us who missed it, it was all available for free too.

A pretty cool promotion and unintentionally funny because Uber are inadvertently comparing themselves to the morally ambiguous and fiercely loyal Warboys. There are certainly similarities.

Either way, all we can do now is look back at these badass vehicles and regret that the only way these cars are coming to a city near us is if the apocalypse actually happens. And I don't want to ride in one that badly.

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