A Driving Instructor Reveals How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

Road rage is a horrible thing, when not dealt with properly. That blind fury you get when someone cuts you up or jumps a red light, but what to do with it? Scream? Punch the person next to you? Scream at and then punch the person next to you?

In a new video from The Onion, driving instructor Danny Preston shows you how to channel that anger into something much more useful. Something like cold calculated revenge.

The kind that can really, really mess up a person's entire life just because they momentarily angered you with their careless motoring skills. But if it's going to make you feel better, well that's what it's all about, right?

With advice like, "Once you know where he lives you could sneak into his house every couple weeks. Rearrange a bunch of things. Something that says you’re out there and you’re unpredictable." every driver will find Preston's teachings invaluable. And probably unlawful. But hey, whatever works.


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