Margot Robbie Plays 'The Sexy (But Also Very Scary) Librarian' On SNL

The hot librarian trope is as old as pop culture itself, used in advertising, films, TV, you name it. And who, you might say, could make a better sexy librarian than Margot Robbie? Well she would if she didn't feature in a sketch that was subverting that very trope.

Robbie was on host duties on Saturday Night Live recently and one of the sketches she was in featured her as a sexy librarian in a riff on 80s-style college-set movies. The sketch features a group of teen boys fantasizing about Robbie, when one of them tells her his buddy thinks she's hot.

So, to the sounds of "Oh Yeah" by Yello from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Robbie begins to give the guys what they want. She takes off her glasses, shakes out her hair, reveals some sexy stockings, and does all those cliched actions a hot librarian might do in a John Hughes movie.

But, this being a comedy skit things don't quite go as you expect. Instead Robbie shakes her hair in slow-mo, only for it to start to fall out like she has alopecia. Then she sexily unpeels a banana, but instead of eating the banana she freakily swallows the skin. It then looks like she's about to snog a fellow sexy female librarian, only to suddenly snap her neck in cold blood, killing her.

Next comes her teeth. Actually, i'm not going to mention those. It's too worrying.

Then, perhaps worst of all, she pulls up her shirt to reveal not one, but two tattoos of Haley Joel Osment—one from The Sixth Sense and one—try not to scream—of what he looks like now. Horrifying.


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