Stranger Things - SNL Hilariously Tackles One Of The Enduring Mysteries Of The Hit Netflix Show

Billing itself as a preview of season two of Netflix's breakout summer hit Stranger Things, this Saturday Night Live sketch purports to tackle one of the show's most enduring mysteries—where the heck are Lucas' parents?

Well, in the skit we get to meet them, or at least SNL's version of them played by Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson. Who turn up to question what Lucas thinks he's up to while he's hanging out on his bike with Dustin and Mike.

Lucas then explains that they're looking for the Upside Down, "It’s like the normal world, but it’s scarier, and with danger at every turn." he notes. Jones replies, "Baby, people who look like us already live in the Upside Down."

When Jones then says they should have a parent with them along comes Melissa Villaseñor as Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers, holding fairy lights and mumbling. After seeing her Lucas' parents are convinced more than ever that Lucas is hanging out with crazies, and tell him to come back home with them.

Cue Kate McKinnon's Eleven turning up to use her telekinetic powers to try to stop them—but she's no match for Jones.

Any fan of the show will find it all very amusing, and the impressions of the characters are spot-on. There is one thing though, as Inverse.com pointed out. SNL aren't totally accurate in saying we've never seen Lucas' parents before, we get a brief shot of them in Chapter 5: The Flea and the Acrobat, standing behind Lucas at Will's funeral.

As for Dustin's parents, however, they're the real mystery.

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