Mario Skate - Mario Kart + Skateboarding Sees Luigi Outrunning Green Shells In Real Life Video Game

The Mario gaming franchise has covered many different sports in its time, but we've still yet to see any of the characters on a skateboard. Whys that you may ask yourself? I mean it sounds so cool i can't believe it hasn't been done already. Well wait no more.

YouTube channel and VFX guys Corridor Digital have decided to address that in their latest video Mario Skate.

Mixing elements of Mario Kart and skateboarding, it sees Luigi take to some heavily CGI-laden streets on an electric longboard in an amazing race against the clock, where he speeds along at 60fps taking on precarious shortcuts, outrunning giant green shells, and avoiding getting Thwomp'd.

It's post-production brilliance of the highest order.

It also makes you wish that there was such a thing as Mario Skate. Or at least a bonus level in Mario Kart where you could swap karts and bikes for skateboards.

To delve deeper into how Corridor Digital made the vid, take a look behind-the-scenes.

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