Aubrey Plaza Reveals The Previously Unknown And Dark Side Of Ring Pop Candy

Ring Pops, they seem innocent enough. They're that candy you had as a kid that you could wear like a ring and eat like a lollipop. You no doubt have lots of fond memories of them from your childhood. Well, prepare for those memories to be tarnished in this video The Dark Side of Ring Pop!.

The spoof commercial stars Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza. In it the fun happy-joy-joy side of the Ring Pop commercials with scrunchie hairstyles and giant earrings is contrasted with the domestic collapse that's happening behind the scenes. Revealing that, while those commercials may've seemed like just kids having innocent fun, they were harboring darkness. Oh the darkness!

What starts off as a 90s pastiche quickly descends into the dangers and devastation wrought by addiction that tears a husband and wife apart. Remember people, Ring Pops are a gateway candy—so just be careful out there.


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