Meanwhile In Another Universe - This Is How Insufferable Life Would Be If Men Had Periods

Let's all take a moment to be thankful that men don't have to experience periods, because if this sketch by Offkey World is anything to go by, they'd be even more unbearable than they are normally.

Plus, we all know a man's threshold for pain is pretty low, so there's no way they'd be able to handle the stomach cramps that come every month. They'd be bitching about it constantly.

So they should just be grateful they don't have to suffer the trials of the menstrual cycle each month. They really wouldn't cope well with it.

So ladies, be grateful and think of the service to humanity you are doing by carrying this monthly burden. Life could be a lot more unbearable for you.

So next time a man makes a comment on what the big deal about a woman having a period is all about, take a very deep breath, keep you calm and dig your fingernails into the palm of you hands.

Because unless men actually experience this monthly cycle themselves this is on argument you will never win.


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