What Marvel's Avengers Would Look If They Were Chinese

The Chinese audience is a lucrative film market for Hollywood and it's currently the second largest one in the world. Which means Hollywood sometimes tailors its movies to suit them, whether that's subtle nods in the narrative or Chinese products placed in films for the audience to immediately recognise and connect with.

According to an article in The Diplomat China's appetite for movies at the box office will surpass America's in the next three years, so it might not be so strange to imagine complete alterations to US films which are intended for China.

This already happens to some films where Chinese villains have been changed to, say North Korean, but perhaps we'll see even more drastic changes—like the whole cast of a mega-budget superhero movie being changed to Asian actors.

That's what someone with some fine Photoshop skills has imagined, turning the Avengers into the Asian Avengers. It kinda makes you want to watch all of the Avengers films again, but with these guys in them.

Check them out below. And YES, i reckon it's no coincidence that the Hulk (Bruce Banner) bears more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Lee. What has been seen.