The Matrix Lobby Fight Scene Is Recreated In Lego With A Brand New Ending

The Matrix lobby scene is one of the best shootouts ever committed to film, and it looks pretty good recreated in Lego too. YouTuber Snooperking took on the task of doing this, spending around 160 hours creating the stop-motion short.

And you can see where those hours went, as Snooperking matches it scene-for-scene, from Trinity running up the walls to Neo doing his cartwheeling through the air thing, while guns fire and little blocks of Lego fall from the walls.

In a behind-the-scenes video he reveals that "one 6 second scene took over an hour and a half to film and photoshop." So that's a lot of dedication and patience to create the entire four minute clip.

Check out the actual scene from The Matrix, below.

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