Bust Some 90s Dance Moves To A Movie Supercut Of The Bloodhound Gang's 'The Bad Touch'

Some of the best 90s movies are featured in this supercut showing various scenes of some classic 90s dance moves and old school groove action, taken from 83 films and supercut together by editor Robert Jones.

From grooving Mogwai to pogoing to pole dancing—and whatever the heck that is Jean Claude Van Damme is doing—everyone is making some shapes and cutting loose. What more could you wish for?

And it all adds up to making the movies from the 90s look like it was a strange, if highly enthusiastic, time for getting your groove on. Which if you think about it, it definitely was. If you were there you'll know.

It'll certainly get your nostalgia bone tingling too, as the scenes come thick and fast and while some are instantly recognizable—Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Clueless—others may take your memory more time to grasp.

As for what these 90s movies are busting their dance moves to, well it's none other than the 1999 classic "The Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang. Remember them? Well you will when you hear the song.

And don't feel too ashamed if you find yourself throwing down some old school dances along with the actors. In fact, if you're not making some shapes along with the movie stars, then that's when you should feel ashamed.

So pull the curtains, crank up the music and dance yourself back to a time when 90s dance moves were cool.

You know you want to...

90s Dance Moves

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