How Mayra Rosales The 'Half-Ton Killer' Shed 800 Pounds And Turned Her Life Around

Mayra Rosales weight loss story is one filled with drama. Weighing 1,028 pounds she was once falsely accused of killing her nephew by rolling over on him, and was subsequently dubbed the "Half-Ton Killer"—but the charge was later dropped when it was discovered she took the blame for her sister.

After clearing her name, she then set about transforming her life.

At the time of the accusation she was so heavy she was unable to leave her bed, needed help just to wash herself, and was so miserable she didn't want to live. "I was dying." she said. "I don't know if you had seen pictures before you could see it in my face. I had given up in life. I was alive but not living a life."

Her weight loss was documented by TLC for their show Half-Ton Killer: Transformed which details how she dropped the pounds—it started with surgery, including a lap band procedure and skin removal, and also by changing the way she thinks about food. After this initial steps she was able to begin her weight loss journey.

Also after the surgery she was then able to begin to exercise, which started out as walking with the help of assistants, before she was then able to exercise on her own. This combined with a change in diet saw her lose even more weight until, after six tough years, she's now lost 800 pounds.

Here's what she looked like before the weight loss.


And here's what she looks like now.


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