How Does McDonald's Compare To Supposedly 'Healthier' Restaurants? #FastFoodFriday

McDonald's is your go-to restaurant (if you can even call it that) when you want a symbol for all that's wrong with fastfood and the unhealthy lifestyle and results associated with eating it.

But, is it really that terrible to force a whole Big Mac in your mouth followed by fries, followed by six chicken nuggets and oh-they-have the McRib back, might as well get one of those too! Is it? Maybe someone should ask Morgan Spurlock.

Buzzfeed investigates in this video by comparing the calories, sodium, and fat from various McDonald's products with those from other supposedly more "healthier" alternatives. The fact that they compare it mostly with Veggie Grill foods and Subway (isn't that still fast food?) means it's not exactly like comparing it with a really proper healthy meal.

But hey, if you want to feel better about that quarter pounder with cheese you just had, this should do the trick.


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