'Minecraft Dogs' IRL—Taiwanese Pet Owners Shave Pooches Into Cubes - It's Both Ridiculous & Amazing

An image (above) has been doing the rounds after appearing on Reddit of a dog shaved into ridiculous cubed formations. Everybody is saying it's from a recent Japanese dog show in Tokyo where shaving dogs' hair into cubed shapes has become a trend.

However it turns out the photo, as amazing as it is, doesn't feature a real dog, instead it's just a sculpture done for decorative and demonstrative purposes. Here's a sequence of photos showing its transformation from a ball of fluff into the fake dog.

But don't fret, because a Reddit user has pointed out that while the dog in Japan isn't real, the whole grooming dogs into geometric curiosities is a an actual thing in Taiwan. Praise be! (or not, depending on how perverse your views are)

Take a look at some pics of these abstract-looking mutts below (the expression in their eyes kills me. It's says soooo much) who've been given the latest thing in doggy-grooming, an ultra-stylish Minecraft hairdo.

After all, it's hip to be square.

1 - 6qo2HMX
2 - ZXvgxXa
3 - tP8o8Ij

As well as square-cut hair, there's also a fad for doing circular cuts too. As you'll see these look equally ridiculous, yet mesmerising. I'm just waiting for the dodecagon cut to come into fashion.

That'll be truly next level doggy hair.

5 - H4ORSPk


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