Death Skateboarder Richie Jackson Shows Off His Mind-Blowing Tricks (And Fashion Sense)

He looks like some kind of 1970s psychedelic rock band member, has been called the 'Salvador Dali' of skateboarding, not just because of his similar looking moustache, but also because he reminds us that there are no rules in his chosen art, skateboarding.

This is Richie Jackson from Auckland, New Zealand who shows off an impressive roster of surreal tricks in this video for Thrasher magazine. These aren't your usual skateboarding tricks either.

Because Jackson not only uses his skateboard to show off, he uses anything he finds in the street, from signs to barriers lying around, even just his feet, and he'll skate on those just as well as on a board.

But this well-honed selection of skate tricks didn't all get done in one afternoon, it took two years to film all the things in this video, as Jackson explains in an interview with Thrasher.

He also talks about how he comes up with the tricks, "The tricks kinda have a will of their own; you just have to be there to make them exist. Like, if an idea is really not going away then I take that as an indication that I probably should go and do it. I have tricks that I thought of ten years ago that are still sitting on a list that I was just able to make real."

And if you were wondering why he likes to dress like Frank Zappa, "it's probably self-preservation wearing all this '70s shit because I've taken myself out of the stylistic loop. I've just kinda wrapped myself in a fossil that's already fuckin' lame and I can just hang out there. I think it's an insulation against development and movement of skate fashion."

Sounds like as good a reason as any.


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