What If Nintendo Games Were Movies? Twitter Hashtag #NintendoaMovie Intends To Find Out

We've all seen and perhaps partaken in those fun-for-five-minutes twitter hashtag games. You generally find yourself playing them when you've got a deadline to hit or something urgent needs to be done.

Of course, instead of being sensible and getting the thing done and then relaxing, you'll play a twitter hashtag game and procrastinate while a small part of you is going insane with stress.

Anyway, one of those games has surfaced recently called #NintendoaMovie which merges some classic childhood gaming favs with some classic movies. Film names are replaced with video game characters or titles and fun is had by all.

Some people have even gone so far as to create fake artwork for these made up movies. Now that's procrastination.

You can follow the hashtag #NintendoaMovie to see what people have been coming up with.

We've listed some of our favs below.

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