Now It All Makes Sense - 50 Ingenious Company Logos That Contain Clever Hidden Messages

A good company logo will serve its brand very, very well. It can be instantly recognisable, iconic even, in a world permeated with signs and symbols that bombard us wherever we go.

And logos don't come cheap either. Companies can spend thousands, millions, on redesigning a logo, even if it's only slight. But while sometimes you'll look at a logo and think "WHY?", other times logos can be cunning and clever.

Here's some examples of those that fall into the cunning and clever category, that give you pause for thought and make you go "Hmmm" I get it! Or leave you frustrated because you can't work out the hidden message.

From the famous FedEx logo which features the arrow to lesser known ones, there are plenty here for you to mull over. And we're not saying what the hidden message in each one is either, that's for you to work out.

Some are easy, some will take more of your concentration. Hey, it beats working.

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