Now This Is How You Put On The Prefect Musical Halloween Light Show

Halloween is nearly, kinda, sorta upon us and that means putting up your Halloween light show. It's only a week away but who's counting, because just like the festive season it gets earlier every year—at least, that's what you have to say. But whatever decorations you plan on putting up, or your neighbor plans on putting up, they're never going to hit the high water mark of these ones.

This house goes on a no-holds-barred assault with it's Halloween light show to cover the home and front yard with an insane amounts of lights and decorations, which flash and sing in time to various pop songs. It's incredible, for its sheer scale and the amount of time it must take to do. And the electricity it uses. And the amount it must annoy the guy's next door neighbors.

The people behind it are two guys, Steve Jandick and Nick Thomas, and it's Nick's home that gets the special treatment. The house is in Naperville, IL, specifically Conan Doyle Road (that's a pretty fitting road name, and it's on the YouTube vids btw, I'm not exposing his address against his will or anything). So if you're in the area you can take a trip down there this Halloween and see it all in the flesh. They're usually turned on from dusk until 9AM on weekdays and dusk until 10AM on weekends.

For the rest of us we just have the videos. Here's a bunch of them below to see you through til the 31st. They're also collecting donations this year for a charity, Gigi's Playhouse.

5 Examples of a Prefect Halloween Light Show

1. It's not often you hear Dr. Dre and Snoop set to Halloween lights, but Steve and Nick have made it so. Rap with me: "La-da-da-da-dahh, it's the motherf#cking D-O-double-GGGG!"

2. Litup Halloween skulls that sing along to the Kongos' "Come With Me Now"? Steve and Nick have got you covered.

3. Michael Jackson's "Thriller"—not much more to say on this one.

4. How about the "Monster Mash" mixed with dubstep? Done.

5. There's no such thing as overkill in the mind's of Steve Jandick and Nick Thomas. This is what Nick's pad looks like in daylight. Wow.

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