Watch In Horror As Artist Turns Cuddly Toys Into Insanely Gory Zombie Teddy Bears

Get your undead ted puns at the ready: Night of the Living Ted? Dawn of the Ted? The Walking Ted? Because British artist Phillip Blackman has found a fantastic use for old stuffed toys that, let's be honest, look creepy enough anyway sitting there deteriorating slowly but surely over time—unloved, uncanny and at the mercy of the laws of entropy.

The one featured in this video is, according to the YouTube blurb, Blackman's 700th zombie ted incarnation in his UndeadTeds series. It's also animatronic, able to wrench its bloodied, furry face off to reveal the creepy horror underneath while uttering cutesy phrases like "Hi, sweetie pie."

It's enough to give any child bedwetting night terrors for the rest of their haunted life. And, what's particularly upsetting is THOSE TEETH. Teddy bears should NOT under any sane circumstances have human frikkin' teeth. Nuke it from space, etc, etc...

You can check out more of Blackman's creations below and over at his website.


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