This Nutella Bathroom Prank Is The Grossest Thing You'll See - But You Will Still Want To Eat It

As hilarious bathroom pranks involving nutella go, this has got to be the greatest ever. It's simple but brilliant and you'll be laughing very loudly while watching it, because it's so damn good. And tasty too.

A guy pretends to be out of toilet paper while in a public toilet stall, and then asks strangers if they can hand him a paper towel. When they kindly oblige, he reaches for it with Nutella on his hand, staining their shoes or hands with his pretend poop. But that's no big deal because it's just Nutella, right? Everyone loves Nutella.

Except the poop victims don't know this and their reactions are totally priceless, ranging from totally disappointed and angry to grossed out and potentialy violent as to what they think has just happened to them. Naturally.

It's a total sacrilegious waste of the food of the god's that is Nutella, but hey, sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or something like that).

So remember, next time you are in the bathroom and this happens to you, try licking the offending substance first because who knows, it might just be yummy Nutella.

If all of this has left you hungry for more then check out the first two videos in the series below.

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