Workout Fails 2017 - Start The Year Off Wrong With This Compilation Of Hilarious Gym Fails

It's a new year and that means it's time for people to start kidding themselves that this year is the year that they're going to go to the gym, workout, get fit, and start eating healthy. Blah blah blah. Of course it's just a January ritual that people go through, a cliche that helps to purge you of that festive binge guilt.

If you are one of those disillusioned people who have signed up for a gym membership though, then let this video from Fail Army serve as a warning. It tells us lazy people exactly what we want to hear, that the gym is a treacherous place and far from making you healthier, working out is actually bad for your health.

Or, at least, might cause an injury. The evidence is here for all to see, even those seasoned meat heads whose muscles prove their gym addictions, aren't safe. It's a dangerous place for everyone.

Put one too many weights on that weightlifting bar, or one too many women on it, or even think about using in a different way than it was designed for and you'll be red-faced—and not because you've exercised well.

So every time you think about heading to the gym, just inertly watch this video instead and remind yourself that 2017 is not the year you get in shape. Just blame your New Years resolution to get fit on not understanding the perils of body perfection. Your mocking friends will understand why you never went through with it. Honest.

Or, if you do go to the gym, don't film yourself. Absolutely never. Not only is it super vain but if you mess up and make a fool of yourself, they'll be evidence of it. Evidence that could end up in an internet fail compilation.

Workout Fails 2017 - Fail Army

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