Oh The Humanity of The Day! Reality Show 'Do I Have A Hit Song' Uncovers Fraud

Whoops. If you're going to commit fraud and steal someone's song and claim it as your own, probably best not to do it on an international show where you're likely to get called out.

Not least by the person who actually wrote the song.

This sorry story happened on Do I Have A Hit Song, a reality singing contest where musicians submit an original song THAT THEY'VE WRITTEN and upload it online where the public gets to vote on it.

One "songwriter" Ivana Nosi​c entered a recording of what she claimed was her track, "Time to Breathe," and people liked it, so she got a chance to perform it on the show.

Which is when things started to unravel and the truth came out.

She didn't write the song, she was nothing but a fraud and a scoundrel and a ratings boost that the producers are no doubt entirely grateful for.

It all ended well anyway, because the actual person who wrote the song, Nashville musician Dani Strong, performed it for the producers via Skype.

And now, thanks to Ivana's low down dirty rotten plagiarism, Dani is going to be a finalist on the show with "Time to Breathe," even though she never entered the contest.

So there you go, sometimes people plagiarizing other people's stuff does work out for the victim. The end.

Dani Strong and her musical imposter Ivana Nosi​c

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