'Pokemon Go' Now Has Its Own Hilarious Song Thanks To Australian Band The Stiffys

When it comes to a bonafide cultural phenomenon you know it's truly reached saturation point when a song comes out about it. So it goes with Pokemon Go which now has its own track, written and performed by Australia "art rock" band The Stiffys.

The song should strike a chord with anyone in a relationship whose partner has been consumed by playing Pokemon Go. As the lyrics are all about a girl who's more caught up in catching Pokemon then she is in catching the singer's affections.

"She doesn't want to call me, she just wants to train / She's on another level that I can't explain." goes one lyric.

The band were moved to write something about the game that's more popular than Jesus (probably) after they too were struck by its allure. With the song itself a kind of ode to their own obsession with catching 'em all.

"We've been wasting so much recording time playing Pokemon Go much to our producer Steven Schram's frustration," said bass player Jason Leigh. "So he said how about we make a song about it was the only way he could get us back to work."

Along with detailing the frustrations felt by those left practically single by the game, the song also runs over the perils players face, like walking out into traffic, because they're too focused on catching Charmander and his buddies. So The Stiffys struck while the iron was hot, not wanting to miss the zeitgeist.

"We’re releasing the song straight away before we’ve even left the studio so we can be the first band to sing about Pokemon Go,” says drummer Adam Stagg.

That's a good enough reason as any.


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