'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' - The Onion's Movie Critic Peter K. Rosenthal Reviews The New Film

Forget all those over reviews, the only one you're going to need before you drag yourself to the cinema to watch Joss Whedon's latest low-budget indie flick is, The Onion's chief movie critic Peter K. Rosenthal's.

Straight off the bat he gets to the heart of the matter, questioning why, in a tent pole superhero blockbuster extravaganza like Avengers: Age Of Ultron, we have to suffer through shots of things other than superheroes.

And that's his greatest take away and a piercing critical insight into the heart of the movie—there just aren't enough people in it who are superheroes. There are many, many frames and shots where areas of the screen don't appear to have someone with superhuman powers in them.

And Peter questions why this is. "WHY JOSS, WHY?" he says. It's a very, very valid point and kudos to Peter for being the only critic with big enough balls to point it out.

The only possible fault in his review is, it could do with a few more superheroes.


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