Internet Meme Of The Day: People Are Mocking Russell Brand By Shouting "PARKLIFE!" At Him

Russell Brand seems to have left his movie career behind and is now intent of stoking the flames of revolution. And he seems to be doing that by using the most flamboyant and verbose rhetoric that he can muster. Which means he often comes off sounding ridiculous with his convoluted smash-the-system rants.

So ridiculous that a meme has sprung up around him.

It revolves around the hashtag #parklife and involves people shouting (virtually anyway) "PARKLIFE!" at Brand on twitter along with punctuating videos of him spouting his revolutionary calls to arms with instances of "PARKLIFE!"

The meme sprung to life after a couple of people on Twitter (below) noted how Brand's writing style is similar to the overlong verses that British actor Phil Daniels' spouts in Blur's classic 1990s song "Parklife." Daniels' rants always end with Blur shouting "PARKLIFE!" at the end.

If you haven't got a clue what I'm on about you can watch the video for the track above.

Brand's writing can sometimes feel like he's swallowed a thesaurus and shouting "PARKLIFE!" seems like the perfect way to counteract it. Plus it's hilarious too. As an example Brand recently tweeted the following.

-------And these were the replies-------

In fact it doesn't matter what he tweets, people are just replying with "Parklife!"

There's also some great videos trending too, remixing his interviews on BBC news show Newsnight and footage from his YouTube show The Trews and intercutting it with the Blur video.

Long may this meme live.

via Buzzfeed

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