Shia LaBeouf Becomes Hilarious Internet Meme After Creating A Fake Motivational Video

Shia LaBeouf is the actor that just keeps on giving. When he's not cage-fighting little girls or getting arrested for going on a drinking spree, he's gifting the world the perfect footage to turn into a meme.

It all started with a project called #Introductions undertaken by students at London's Central Saint Martins art school. It involved filming a series of scenes with LaBeouf standing in front of a green screen.

Various topics covered included falling in love online, samurai swords, erotic paintings, and also a motivational bit where he very fiercely demands his audience "JUST DO IT" and make their dreams a reality.

You have to keep everything in context if you can actually make it through the entirety of the video above (a whopping 31 minutes) that it was all made in the name of 'art'. But.

A gift like that is something the internet couldn't resist, so they took it and ran with it. And they haven't stopped.

There's a whole subreddit, MotivaShian (what else?), dedicated to this worthy cause.

We've listed a few of our favs below.

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