Rick And Morty's Pickle Rick is Getting His Own Funko Toy Figures

The hilarious Rick And Morty’s character 'Pickle Rick' is getting his own Funko vinyl figure! And it couldn't be more deserving, considering he is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters that has cropped up so far in Rick and Morty season 3, becoming a classic of the show to rank up their with Mr. Meeseeks and Tiny Rick.

Even just his presence in the trailer turned the combination of vinegary cucumber and brilliant but flawed scientist into an instant hit. That was before Pickle Rick even showed up, which he did in episode 3 of season 3. Where we found out that Rick turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to family therapy.

Instead he went on a strange and ultraviolent adventure in the sewers, battling aggressive rodents while decked out in a DIY rat bone and muscle exoskeleton, before he escaped into a compound full of Russian bad guys. Which he then took on in John Wick-style shootouts and battles, before we were introduced to the equally awesome character of Jaguar (voiced by Danny Trejo) who tried to assassinate Pickle Rick in exchange for his daughter's return. But the two ended up teaming up to defeat the Russian henchmen.

Pickle Rick Takes Over The Rick And Morty Show

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick 23.

And after all that, Rick still had to go to therapy, while still a pickle, where we got a very insightful and incredibly heartbreaking takedown and psychoanalysis of how and why Rick avoids family problems and his emotional issues—because instead of confronting and dealing with them he chooses to run away from them by going on sci-fi misadventures. It was quite an episode.

Since it first aired on the Rick and Morty show Pickle Rick has spawned endless memes and articles, which has only really been beaten this season by the now legendary Szechuan sauce from episode 1, which McDonald's actually ended up bringing back into consumer production. Anyway, while Szechuan sauce may have been brought back from the mid-90s it didn't get its own toy figure. And if any character was crying out to be a toy, it's Pickle Rick. And he's getting not one but two Funko Pop vinyl figures.

Get Your Own Pickle Rick Funko Toy Figures

pickle rick

One of the figures features Pickle Rick with wrist-mounted spikes that he used to brutally disembowel the rats while in the sewer. While the other Pickle Rick is the one with the shoulder-mounted laser that he used to fight Jaguar. Both look great and according to the Funko site will be available in December, just in time for Christmas. How about that?

Meanwhile there's only four episodes left of the current season, which seems to have flown by way too quickly. Let's just hope the notoriously long wait for season 3 isn't repeated for season 4.

See the Pickle Rick Funko designs, below.

The Pickle Rick Funko Toy Promotional Images

pickle rick 01.
Image: Funko

pickle rick 02.
Image: Funko

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