'Don't Smoke Pokemon Incense'—Hilariously Silly Scenarios From The 'Pokemon Go' Obsession

Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski, the filmmakers behind YouTube channel Corridor Digital, have jumped on the Pokemon Go craze with the video 'Don't Smoke Pokemon Incense.' It features a series of skits relating to everyone's current obsession. Be warned kids, this is just for fun and not to take seriously.

It starts with a car accident brought on by Gorski's determination to get closer to a Pokestop, all while trying to drive a car at speed too. It doesn't end well.

The pair also dress up as Pokémon trainers and offer random strangers on the street incense, telling them it's Pokemon incense and will aide in their catching abilities.

But, kids, inhaling actual incense isn't really that good for you at all and certainly won't make you a better Pokemon trainer—so don't try it at home. Seriously, don't, it really won't have any effect on your gaming skills..

Also revealed in the video is how they make jawbreakers which isn't something any Pokemon trainer is going to find pleasant. Because it involves Poke balls, a blender, and an act of barbarism by Niko and Sam's landlord.

As one YouTube commenter says, "This was the best video I have ever seen in the entirety of this Youtube Channel. Simply marvelous."--You kinda get the feeling that this is someone who has taken the video too seriously and hit the Pokemon-incense.

If that isn't enough Pokemon humor for you below is another Pokemon Go video by the pair, this time involving them doing battle with a giant Pikachu on the streets.

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