When Kids Aren't Playing 'Pokemon Go' They're Making Hilarious Vines About Playing 'Pokemon Go'

If you poke your head out the window and look around you'll notice that there are still plenty of people walking around pointing their phones at nothing. Don't believe me, try it now. I'll wait till you get back to continue.

So was i right? Of course i was. S, yes, the Pokemon Go craze is still very much alive and doing very well.

If nothing else it's getting kids out of the house, into the back yard, and other people's back yards. A few years back people were complaining about how kids spend all their time indoors, playing computer games.

Now everyone's complaining about hordes of kids wandering around the neighborhood with their heads permanently looking down at their smartphones, playing computer games.

Some people are never happy.

Anyway, in case you were wondering what kids are doing when they aren't playing Pokemon Go, well, it seems they're making Vines about playing Pokemon Go. Which if you think about it is an obvious choice.

Obviously you're a very busy person (playing Pokemon Go of course), you've not got time to hunt down all those Vines and check them out. So don't worry, this compilation will save you the effort.

Although it may make you cringe. A lot.


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