Man's Best Friend And Postie's Worst Nightmare... Or Not?—Postman Films The Dogs On His Route

Postman and dog, age old adversaries caught in an eternal Manichean battle. Dogs don't like postman and they aren't afraid to show it—which means that postman hate dogs too, because that's just how it goes.

But this postman from Australia, who goes by the name of Stavros, shows that it doesn't have to be that way. You just have to know how to deal which each dog as an individual, treat them properly, and then they will be harmony in the dog/postman relationship.

Not all the dogs are nice either. Some are and they get rewarded with a delicious dog treat, but some are total a-holes—like one "absolute pr*ck of a dog" in Stavros' words—and they're the ones to just completely avoid.

As the Stavros rides his moped around his daily mail route he encounters several of the neighborhood dogs. Though some were a lot less friendly than others, Stavros still greeted most of them with warm hellos and dog treats, it's pretty obvious that many of these dogs actually look forward to seeing the postman coming--And his running commentary is a pleasing and humorous account of his daily visits to these homes.

The end result is a touching and humorous four and a half minutes of heartfelt human and hound encouters.

Watch it.


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