Tom Mabe Brings The Hood To The 'Burbs At Christmas And People Get Very Nervous

Prankster Tom Mabe seems to like nothing more than making people in the suburbs feel anxious. He's done it before by flying a giant spider around neighborhood, and now he's playing on middle America's casual racism and fear of African Americans in hoodies.

So gathering together a bunch of talented singers, who just so happen to be African American, Tom Mabe and his band of merry men head off to an upper middle class neighborhood to knocking on people's doors and make with some festive carol crooning.

And they deliver. Their harmonizing and singing are totally on point, but some of the reactions of the residents are a little bit dubious.

They're somewhat hesitant to open their doors when they see who's there, but then once they do, and hear how great these guy's voices are, they're only too happy to listen and praise them.

As someone mentions in the YouTube comments, maybe Tom Mabe should try the reverse of this prank and take some frat boys carol singing in Compton. Make sure you check out his Youtube channel.

Ho ho ho.

Tom Mabe Brings The Hood To The Burbs At Christmas 01.
Tom Mabe Brings The Hood To The Burbs At Christmas 02.

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