Princess Cheeto Is The Most Chill Cat On Instagram And Is Far Cooler Than Any Of Us Will Ever Be

Instagram is packed with cats of all descriptions vying for the spotlight, but there's one cat that's cooler than the rest. That cat is Princess Cheeto and one look at her Instagram and you'll see why.

Whether she's wearing a wig made from Cheetos, rocking some 'Deal With It' pixelated shades, or pretending she's an octopus, her sense of style is effortless.

Well, effortless for her maybe, but not for owner Hugo Martinez, a photography assistant who styles Princess Cheeto's images and makes her look so super fine.

"With this project I wanted to see how I could take this seemingly average looking subject and turn it into something fun and make it really pop visually." Martinez said. "It sounds crazy but I really feel like Cheeto is my muse. She gives me daily inspiration and has captured my imagination in a way that very few things have before."

It's an imagination that has won Cheeto nearly 80,000 followers and you can't begrudge her such a huge fanbase. She's totally worth it.

You can check out some pics of Cheeto below and head to her Instagram for more.

I AM THE LAW. ⚖ #JudgeCheeto
Got my hair did. ? #CheetoAsMarilyn
#octoPUSS ? #PrincessCheeto
Magic hour. ✨ #PrincessCheeto
Very special thanks to our friends at @meowquarterly for visiting us & for having Cheeto be part of their launch issue! Be sure to check out Cheeto's feature and all of the other awesome cats on! 〰Link in bio☝?️ #PrincessCheeto #MeowQuarterly
Fear me, for i are bread. #TBT #CatHisstory
Where will Cheeto go this holiday season? Stay-tuned! ✨ #PrincessCheeto #TBT
CATFISH. ? #PrincessCheeto #Caturday
They see me rollin' they hatin'. #GangstaKitty #CheetoFromTheBlock
AZÚCAR! #CheetliaCruz #CeliaCruz #Mood
Okay ladies, now let's get in #formation. #PrincessCheeto #MondayMotivation
Going to the moon, BRB. #PrincessCheeto #LimeCat
He back! ???? #CincoDeMayo #MrCheetFeet
#Sriracha Cheet is feelin' spicy! #PrincessCheeto #TBT
Cheet-Toast. #LichtensCheet #Caturday
Let them eat cake! ? #PrincessCheeto
Ninja mode engaged! #PrincessCheeto
Vampurr Cheet Iz thirsty. ? #PrincessCheeto
? #CaturdayBrunchLewks