'Professionals- Frat buds- Children' - How The Marvel's Avengers Defines Which Camp You Fall Into

Have you ever noticed when a celebrity is being interviewed they seem to fall into one of 3 camps when it comes to their behavior, they are either up-front and professional, full of laughs and looking like they would be more at home in a frat-house, or, in very rare circumstances, they act like little children.

I guess doing a press-junket to sell whatever film it is you are currently starring in must take it's toll on your state of mind, but i prefer to believe that this is what these celebrities are like all the time when the camera stops rolling. You can but hope.

Below are 3 prime examples of the behavioral pattern 'Professionals- Frat buds- Children' that are displayed during a press interview for the Avengers movie (and don't forget, Avengers 2 is only a year away):


Scarlett Johansson & Jeremy Renner both dress and act like the professionals they are.


Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans seem to behave more like frat-buds than actors.


Mark Ruffalo & Robert Downey Jr. look more like children in a kindergarten than Avengers.


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