'Fight Club For Kids' - Cult Author Chuck Palahniuk Reads An Excerpt From A New Children's Book

Fight Club is such a great film and novel that you kind of feel sorry for children, because they don't get to experience how awesome it is because there isn't a kid-friendly version.

But don't worry because Mashable have got Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk to read an excerpt from Fight Club for Kids. And it's pretty great, the only trouble with it is, it's actually not that child-friendly.

That's not to say he doesn't try, Palahniuk starts off really well but then "We'll call it the Horsing Around Club," he reads, "And we'll just f*ckin' go to town on each other, just visceral disturbing sh*t, y'know? Really just fist the f*cking face, beating the sh*t out of each other."

Hmm. After he goes off on that tangent he does pull it back, but then he goes off on a little tangent again, finally managing to pull things back for the happy ending.

The real disappointment in all this though is that the book isn't actually real.


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