Ripple The Dog Hilariously Steals The Show On This Live Weather Forecast

Well, what did they expect? Ripple the mastiff was featured on Mike Sobel's weather report and, being a dog and not really giving a single damn about the weather forecast, proceeded to make Sobel's life hell by playing around and jumping about and generally acting exactly as you'd expect a canine to act.

Sobel, from Edmonton, Canada, tries futilely to keep Ripple, who was visiting from the Edmonton Humane Society, under control while trying to focus on giving the weather report, but it's just not happening. Although he does make a valiant effort. But Ripple's far more interested in Sobel's crotch than the wind speed in Calgary.

It does make for a far more entertaining weather report though—and it also turned out well for Ripple, who's now found a home after being adopted by a couple from Alberta.

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