Robot Chicken Reveals Why Hawkeye And Black Widow Are Critical Components Of The Avengers

There's no doubting that the Avengers are comprised of superhero with some some critical components to kick some serious ass--Running down the list we can see that the Hulk's got his super strength, Captain America has his Super-Soldier Serum, Iron Man has his robotic suit and Thor is a Nordic God.

But what the heck do Hawkeye and Black Widow bring to The Avengers party?

Aren't they just norms just like the rest of us? Well, if you had your suspicions on why there are unsuperpowered team members in The Avengers, this Robot Chicken short should set you straight.

Because although Hawkeye and Black Widow are just a couple of puny humans it turns out they are, in fact, critical components of the team, but for reasons that aren’t entirely to do with their superhero powers.

And more to do with how their super butts look in spandex.


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