Samantha Bee Explains #Brexit And Its Implications For A Trump Presidency

What's going on in the UK right now after a majority (albeit small) of people voted for the country to leave the EU doesn't just have implications for Europe. What's really scary is that Brexit could have implications for the US too in terms of a Trump presidency.

Samantha Bee points out how in her latest video from her show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. She notes that in the UK the xenophobes and racists seemed to have won—and against the odds too.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of the Leave campaign and that tide of xenophobia and racism that it harnessed to win is similar to the tactics Trump is using—showering the public with misinformation and fear to try and secure his place as the next US president.

While America can look across the pond and shrug its shoulders at the British people, Bee points out that it's a reminder of what can happen if people get complacent and think their vote doesn't matter.

So, while Trump isn't in power just yet it's important to make sure your vote counts, to ensure it doesn't happen. Equally those people who think their vote won't matter or effect the result so vote for Trump out of protest, that's exactly what some of the UK Leave voters thought, and look what happened there.

While you're pondering all that take a look at some light relief below. It's the Downfall Hitler meme (remember that?) used to mock what Boris Johnson's (an avid supporter of Brexit—who used it for his own politic gains—and the UK's probable next prime minister) HQ looked like when the UK referendum results came in.

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