A Meme Is Born: In Saudi Arabia 'Driverless Cars' Means Something Else Entirely

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia there's a craze which involves driverless cars, but not the sort Google are making. The sort where there's no driver, human or otherwise.

Because Saudi Arabia is ultraconservative young Arab guys spend a lot of time doing insane stuff with cars. This current meme involves walking along, or some weirder variation, behind their vehicle with no one seemingly driving it.

The car is filmed slowly drifting past the camera while people can be seen on the roof, sat in the back, or even being pulled along while sitting on a rug. The same music seems to be playing in each clip, which is this song. A quick, no doubt mangled, Google translate says it's called "Yesterday My Heart Carefree Mapat."

Here's another video of the meme which features some other vehicles, like a tractor with a swing—because, why not?

According to France 24, the way they get the cars to go along with no one behind the wheel is they "Block the gas pedal with a tool and lock the car in ‘slow driving’ mode or use the cruise control on 4x4 vehicles."

It's not the first time Saudi youth have done crazy things with cars. Here's a bunch of them changing the tires on a car, while it's drifting along on just two wheels.

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