Say Goodbye To The Brilliant 'YouTube Comment Reconstruction' Series With This Final Episode

Sadface. Everything must come to an end, even brilliantly executed online comedy series that reconstruct the inane comments of YouTube videos with the help of posh British actors. So it goes.

Dead Parrot's "YouTube Comment Reconstruction - Finale" is the swansong for their always entertaining series, which expertly skewered the often vitriolic and senseless comments that appear on YouTube by acting them out with dramatic actors.

But now they've decided to call it a day—for this series anyway not for the channel—while they're still on a high. "We just thought it better to finish this series on a high rather than milk it and keep making them until they're not funny (which would have been the easier option)." they say.

So what's this last one about? I'll let Dead Parrot have the final word. From the YouTube page:

It's the final piece in our YouTube Comment Reconstruction saga and we turn our eyes to the videos 'NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden' and 'One Direction - Story Of My Life'. It's been a epic journey, we've laughed, we've cried and fingers crossed we've learnt something along the way... mostly about not being a dick on the internet. Enjoy!

Check out the entire rest of the series, below:

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