This Seriously Cute Little Lamb Thinks He's Some Kind Of Superhero

Ever wondered what lambs and sheep might be discussing when they're hanging out? Just admit that you have. Well, thanks to the translating skills of YouTuber Chris Cohen, who no doubt speaks expert BAAAA, we can now find out in this adorable video above.

It seems, much like the rest of us when we're young, lambs want to be superheroes.

Except, unlike the rest of us they do have a superhero-like quality. It's not invisibility or x-ray vision, but their wool is naturally flame resistant—so perhaps a position in the Fantastic Four might be appropriate?

Wool isn't just anti-flammable though, it also makes anyone look extra adorable, as the "Sheep of the Year" video below proves. Where a lama, a pug, a donkey, and a cow all vie to take the title, even though they're quite obviously not sheep.

A special award must surely go to the pug for looking just as cute as any lamb.

From dogs in sheep's clothing to a sheep in sweatbands and headphones working out on a treadmill. Because, well, because sheep need to keep fit too.

For more information on wool and how awesome it is, check out the Campaign for Wool website.

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