Sex, Drugs, And 18.9% APR—The Internet Reacts To The Tragic News Of Sex Pistols Credit Cards

Virgin Money, Richard Branson's bank and financial services company based in the UK, recently announced their Sex Pistols credit card (18.9% APR rates may vary). Meaning, iconic imagery associated with the band will appear on special credit cards.

Artwork to be included is 1977's album cover for Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols and imagery from the single "Anarchy in the UK." Many people were somewhat dismayed that such an anti-authoritarian band who rallied against the establishment are now promoting a branded credit card, complete with years of debt.

The Sex Pistols and Virgin do have some history though, so the collaboration isn't a total surprise. After the band were dropped by EMI for swearing on live TV back in 1977, they were famously signed to A&M Records outside Buckingham Palace. That relationship lasted six days before they were dropped and eventually signed to Branson's Virgin Records where they released the single "God Save the Queen."

But, history between the two aside the internet didn't react kindly to this new collaboration, instead it met the news with cynicism, sadness, horror, plus the usual parade of jokes and witty remarks. People took to twitter to make light of the paradoxical merging of anarchy and capitalism.

Here's what some of the cards will look like.

And here's some of the reactions.

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