'The Stalking Dead' Shows Why Googling Our Tinder Dates Is A Terrible Idea

Social media has brought with it many benefits like, well, um, you know, stuff. Anyway, it's here and while the benefits are still up for debate one thing it does allow people to do is stalk others. Or stalk their online profiles anyway.

And nowhere is that more useful completely detrimental than dating. Kimmy Foskett and Liza Renzulli from Chix Productions have perfectly encapsulated the foolishness of profiling a date using social media with their comedic short The Stalking Dead.

It's a hilarious Walking Dead parody that perfectly captures why Googling your date is a terrible idea .Because, you know, Tinder dates and zombies are basically the same thing. Kind of.

The sketch "highlights the dangers of falling down the rabbit hole that is Googling your date." and "documents a young woman’s escalation from 'why does my date have a Facebook profile photo with another female woman?' to 'SOS, his Instagram is private' to 'why is Chris Brown on his recently played Spotify?'


It's a slippery social media slope, as confirmation bias and paranoia sets in and Foskett (who plays the 'stalker') is blindsided by thinking this guy is some kind of abominable cheater. But, she's got it all wrong.

Her descent is set to the stabbing minimalist theme music from The Walking Dead as her obsession spirals out of control, fuelled by her own googled inaccuracies.

"The problem is when we use social media to do bad detective work." Foskett explains. "That's when we start to lose touch with reality and basically become creepy weird zombie-people."

So we all just need to be careful when internet sleuthing a date. Or anyone.


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