Dave Franco & Conan's Hilarious Attempts To Meet Beautiful Women Using The Tinder App

If you haven't heard of the new casual dating app Tinder yet then where have you been hiding, it's what all the cool smartphone kids are using. Until recently, hookup apps were straightforward but sleazy, then along came Tinder, the dating-hookup hybrid that made things simpler, sexier, and particularly lady-friendly, all you have to do is swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it's a match, it couldn't be easier.

But of course the big question you are all asking is, 'does it work?'--And by 'work' i mean, does it really work, or is it all just media hype to get us all downloading the app and make Mr. Tinder rich? Well who better to test it out than Conan O'Brien, i mean, he's an average looking guy, ok, so he has his own TV show and has enlisted the help of Hollywood actor Dave Franco to test it out, and they have a passion wagon to die for that they will use to go in search of lurve, but hey, if it works for them then it's gonna work for you, right?

Sit back and enjoy 12 minutes of sheer entertainment as Dave & Conan put their skills to work (after working out how to create the correct killer profile to lure the ladies), it's conclusive proof that somewhere on this planet is the perfect partner for you. Maybe?


And if you are still hungry for more advice from the dating-duo here's some cutting room extras from Conan & Dave Franco's dating app adventure.

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