What Facebook Would Look Like If They Got Rid Of Everything You Hate About The Social Network

There are many, many things to dislike about Facebook. But most of us use it anyway. Still, it's nice to imagine what the site might be like if Mark Zuckerberg listened to the users and got rid of some of the annoyances.

Well, College Humor have done the imagining for you with their "If Facebook Got Rid of Everything You Hate" video, which means gone are the irritating baby photos, gone are the listicles and updates from people you met at a party and mistakenly friended.

Gone are all those event invites, gone are the FOMO photos of other people partying. Gone, gone, gone! What are you left with? Just one perfect button.

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, please make this happen soon, i'll even pay for the experience.


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