Season 6 Is Coming - Watch The 'The Walking Dead' Intro Re-cut With Really, Really Drunk People

With the recent news of The Walking Dead Season Six, complete with new characters and a kick-ass trailer it's time to get excited all over again about our favorite zombie apocalypse TV show.

Even though it won't be back on our screens until October 11th (which seems an age away) you'll still want to watch anything that is even slightly related to the undead sit-com.

You'll get so desperate that even the walking ('just about') living who are fueled by vast amounts of alcohol will whet your appetite.

Try not to feel too bad for laughing at these really, really drunk people falling over, slamming into lamp posts, face-planting some stairs and basically behaving like a walker. Because it is absolutely hilarious. That and the fact they are so drunk they won't feel anything.

How can you not raise a smile at the guy who's so wasted every time he walks towards a door to leave he falls backwards from his own gravity, arms outstretched like a member of the undead?

The video is by Marca Blanca, quite possibly one of the funniest YouTube channels out there, and brilliantly recuts The Walking Dead intro, foreboding music and all, with people who are so shot to hell on alcohol they might as well be zombies.

Naturally, it's called The Walking Drunk. And it's pretty much the most perfect thing you're going to see all day.


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