It's Time To Start Your Day With A Smile And Watch 'The Ultimate Wake Up Prank Compilation'

Sleep is a welcome pursuit for all of us, time to refresh your braincells and charge the batteries to give you the energy to make it through another day operating at 100%.

But think about it, why would you let someone awaken from their slumber naturally, feeling refreshed and invigorated?

That would just be a waste of a potentially good prank, wouldn't it? Everyone loves a prank, right?

The best way to do it with maximum effect is to be as cruel and inhumane as possible and of course filming it and uploading it to the interwebs, so all their friends can share and laugh at the humiliation the person feels.

So, if you need some tips on how to do that, then look no further than this compilation. Use it as a sort of guide and instruction manual.

Your friends victims will love you for it.


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