Life's Not A Beach - Step Up Your Surfing Game With A Bodacious Motorised Surfboard The 'Jetsurf'

If you love surfing but live a days car ride from the nearest ocean then catching a wave on a whim could be a bit of a problem you'd think. Wrong. Avid surfer Laird Hamilton's got your back.

You'll never need waves to surf ever again if you just happen to have a spare $12,500 around to buy a Jetsurf.

And if you're wondering just how badass these motorised boards are, you can check out Laird surf around a small river on one in this video. Hamilton is actually a big wave surfer but the only waves in the video are coming from the wash in his wake.

He takes the board for a spin (wrong terminology, but who cares dude) up the river behind where he lives, making it all look super easy as he surfs around at high speed and generally looks like he's having the time of his life.

These hi-tech boards are no slouches and can actually reach speeds of up to 55kmph with engines ranging from 86 cc to 100 cc. In short they look like an amazing ride.

Sure with a hefty price tag they look more like a toy for the 1% than something you and your buddies are going to be doing at the weekend. But that's not to say it doesn't look like great fun.

Of course if you do happen to live near a beach then don't feel left out. Check out the video below.

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