'Straya' Turns Outkast’s 'Hey Ya' Into Possibly The Greatest Australia Day Anthem Ever

'Happy Straya Day mate!' - Yes, if you happen to be an Australian musician we have some good news for you, Terry Mann has created the catchiest national anthem to never be officially adopted, with his song "Straya."

The song reworks Outkast's big hit from the 00s "Hey Ya" into the sort of national anthem that could really liven up official events and sporting ceremonies.

It was made for for Australia Day, which takes place on 26th January (today). “I’m hoping that people use it as a form of celebration, especially around the ‘Australia Day’ period.” said Mann.

The song features patriotic lyrics that are an ode to Australia's natural resources, along with it's highly dangerous animals and it's penchant for the coldest of beer ("Ice cold!"). And it's favorite pastime cricket and a host of its celebrities, like Kylie Minogue and Steve Irwin, get a mention too.

It's one big positive love-in, basically. But Mann wanted to keep it light-hearted and upbeat. "When I started writing the lyrics, I knew that it could easily get carried away with too much negativity and political commentary.' he told The Daily Mail. "And although that opens it up for more satire and ultimately humour, I wanted the overarching feeling and message to be positive."

Meanwhile over in America Deadpool shares a special Straya Day message, heavily laced with a slight grudge against the people of Australia for Australia Day. This is, of course a reference to Ryan Reynold's dismal attempt at Deadpool in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'.

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