Terminator 2 Truck Chase Scene Is Awesomely Recreated In GTA 5

Back in the 90s you could say the name James Cameron without invoking images of blue people getting intimate using hair tentacles. Because back in the 90s Cameron was known for his kickass action movies. And the one that kicked the most ass was Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a movie so awesome not even two crappy sequels—and counting—can dampen it.

One of the great things about the movie, apart from the award-winning FX, is its set pieces—the parts where you watch with clenched, clammy hands as John Connor and Arnie attempt to outrun the sinister T-1000 while destruction rains down around them. One of the best of these is the chase scene near the beginning when Arnie meets John in the amusement arcade and, after a showdown out back, John escapes on his bike pursued by the shape-shifting assassin from the future, both pursued by a shotgun-wielding Arnie on a motorcycle.

And now, John Chapman and his buddies have recreated that chase with impressive accuracy in GTA 5. Have a watch above and then compare with the original scene below.

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