There's Something Weird About The Girls In This Japanese High School Class—Can You Tell What?

All the school girls in this commercial for Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido are harboring a secret. A secret that's pretty much impossible to tell when you first see the ad.

It starts with a shot of the teacher, before panning around what appears to be a typical classroom scene, full of bored school kids—all of which seem to be, as stated, girls.

There's a girl writing on the blackboard, a girl holding a guitar, a girl drinking a bottle of water, a girl reading a book. You kinda get the picture. It's girls.

But then around half way through the ad, we go into a time-lapse showing makeup artists removing the makeup (they're actually applying it but the footage is in reverse) from the "girls." And, wait, turns out the girl reading a book is actually a boy.

And so is the girl drinking the water. And the guitar girl. In fact, they're all guys, every single one of them—even the teacher. What the.

And before you know it you're feeling a little weird.

Weird in the way that watching Japanese videos has that strange effect on you.

Have a sit down, you'll be alright in a minute.


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