'Picking Up Girls Like a Douchebag' Perfectly Parodies All Those Tiresome Pickup Videos

Girls love a douchebag, right? Throw the line "Are you a slut?" at a girl you've never met before and you won't pick up a slap to the face, you'll pick up her number! Except, you won't. Andrew Hales and his friends at YouYube channel LAHWF take to Venice Beach for a pitch-perfect parody of the many pickup videos that trade in this kind of misconception.

So off he goes approaching seemingly random girls he's just met (in reality it's all been planned out beforehand) and asks them douchebaggy questions or is so blatantly upfront about what he wants, that they can only swoon with lust and give him their numbers.

It's very funny and very fake. If you want to see how fake, check out the behind-the-scenes video below.

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